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MikroVeda® LIFE is an organic, biologically certified food supplement that does not contain preservatives, gluten or sugar. It supports digestion, promotes bowel function and is well suited as part of weight management.

Lactic acid bacteria

Several lactic acid bacteria belong to the normal flora of the human intestine. Lactic acid bacteria promote health in many ways. MikroVeda® LIFE's lactic acid bacteria soothes the intestines and strengthen immunity. They maintain a healthy bacterial population in connection with medication courses and during trips. Lactic acid bacteria are also helpful when milk or cereal are not suitable.

The lactic acid bacteria in MikroVeda® LIFE also promote the absorption of nutrients. In the gastrointestinal tract, MikroVeda® LIFE's lactic acid bacteria produce vitamins (e.g. biotin, folic acid and vitamin K), enzymes, antioxidants, natural antibiotic substances and amino acids.


A team of several scientists discovered the powerful microbes and their many beneficial health effects more than 30 years ago in Japan. Research began in the 1960s, and in the early 1980s, Japanese researchers developed a mixture containing powerful lactic acid bacteria from microbes found in non-genetically modified soil and plants. At first, they were considered an alternative to agricultural chemicals, and even polluted soil could be brought back to arable condition with these microbes.

In 1982, a product for humans was developed from this microbial mixture, the lactic acid bacteria preparation MikroVeda® LIFE.

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MicroVeda®product family now in Finland!

Intestinal well-being now starts in the mouth! 

We have brought the European success product, MikroVeda M33+ mouth spray, to the Finnish market. We know that intestinal health has many beneficial effects on the rest of the body as well, such as brain function, heart, mood, etc. With our mouth spray, you can start nurturing intestinal health right at the beginning of the digestive tract. Read more on our blog, and get to know the MikroVeda product family from the adjacent image.

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MikroVeda LIFE PUR
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MikroVeda's holistic view of the world takes care of the environment and nature wherever possible. Our raw materials are of certified organic quality. In packaging, we prefer rPET, glass, recyclable cardboard packaging and plastic-free tape.

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