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HCA Health Concept Oy Ltd as a company

In 1990 health product store Putiikki Sepponens merchant Sinikka Sepponen founded Fitline Oy, a company that imports health products alongside the brick-and-mortar store. The company's name was changed to Vitacom Pharma in 2006, which in turn was sold four years later to the Swedish listed company Bringwell AB. Today, Bringwell is part of Midsona operating in the Nordic countries.


Sinikka Sepponen continued as a brick-and-mortar retailer, and the health products wholesaler HCA Health Concept Oy Ltd was founded alongside the store, whose specialty is scientifically researched therapeutic products made from high-quality raw materials.


HCA Health Concept Oy Ltd imports selected nutritional supplements and conducts product development, building innovative and fast-acting, new generation health products under its own brand PROTECTOR. HCA works closely with the world's leading experts, universities and laboratories. Both the selection and processing of our products raw materials into a health product, as well as the marketing of the products, are based on researched and documented information. Consumers needs are also listened to with a sensitive ear.


We have been pioneers in the Finnish market. We have also been involved in training health product industry professionals in our country. Our health products include e.g. pH-balance PASCOE, which balances the body's acidity, MIKROVEDA, which is versatile and intended to promote both intestinal and oral health, the strong curcumin preparation PHENOCUR, and the FRANK fruities vitamin series, which contains a total of seven different products and has a unique, chewable fruit vitamin series. The premium-quality and fast-acting PROTECTOR series includes the multivitamin-mineral capsule PROTECTOR Flash, Stress Guard and ImmuCredit, and the series is still being supplemented.

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